Frequently Asked Questions
SignTraker is a software application operated by sign service providers (sign installers), and used by real estate professionals to order sign installation, sign management, and related services.
SignTraker software is licensed by sign service providers (sign installers) to help the sign operations run smoother and more efficiently. Real estate professionals who order sign installations and sign services use SignTraker for free of charge.
Installers use SignTraker to manage all aspects of their sign business, including incoming orders, real estate agent profiles, invoicing, agent panel and rider inventory, sign post inventory (sign post color, type, size, etc.), installation and removal work assignments, daily work orders, service routes, and much more. SignTraker includes a client portal for agents to prepare new sign orders, which can be integrated into their current web sites.
Agents and brokers use the SignTraker portal provided by their installer to graphically create their sign installation orders using photo images of their signs and panels. From within their own account, agents and brokers can review the status of all of their installation and removal orders, their personal sign inventory, the inventory of their office and other team members, invoicing history, and more. If a broker or office manager, the broker or office manager can view activities of their office staff members.
No, agents and brokers provide their panels to their SignTraker Authorized Providers. Their providers will photograph each unique panel and rider, bar code each one, and place it in their safe, secure, warehouse. Agents don’t have to keep their panels in their office, trunk, or garage any more!
If you are an agent or broker, it is likely that your installer only allows you one panel, if they hang a panel at all. This is because they can’t track the different types of panels you may have. SignTraker Authorized Providers will provide you with actual images of your panels, so you can one (or more) panels—and one or more riders as well. Savvy agents often use different photo panels with casual, business, or semi-formal attire, depending on the market for their listing.
If you are an agent or broker, it costs nothing to use SignTraker – contact your sign service provider to see if they are an SignTraker Authorized Provider. If you are sign service provider and want to become a SignTraker Authorized Provider, please contact SignTraker at 443-938-9178 or
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